UNB’s Latest Research Institute Prioritizes the Rapid Expansion of Artificial Intelligence.

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) has launched a new Research Institute in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, aiming to foster collaboration across various disciplines within the university. This initiative will also partner with the AI center at Université de Moncton. Frank McKenna, a benefactor for the McKenna Institute at UNB, emphasized the transformative power of AI, likening its impact to that of the printing press. He envisions AI enhancing efficiency across various industries, from sawmills to food production. The institute’s success will be gauged by its ability to integrate academic research into the business sector, with a focus on real-world applications like healthcare advancements. Erin Barrett, CEO of Eigen Innovations, highlighted the urgency for businesses to adopt AI in the coming years to remain competitive. McKenna echoed this sentiment, believing that AI will level the playing field, enabling regions like New Brunswick to compete globally.


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