ROI (Return On Investment) Driven

Online marketers sometimes have a bad reputation. Sometimes that bad reputation is for a good reason. Some of our colleagues are still from the old school of thought which is hire me for a service, then pay me for the service. Regardless of whether my service got you the results you were looking for. We operate in the opposite way almost. We say tell me what results you are looking for and we will get them. It’s not as important which services we use to achieve the results. And if we’re really doing our job we’re are probably constantly shifting focus and spend between a range of campaigns and channels as we continue to refine our approaches to maximize success.

What is an ROI-Drive Approach?

An ROI-driven approach may seem very logical to you and you may wonder why doesn’t everyone in Marketing use an ROI approach? It’s a high-risk approach is the short answer. Not for us because we don’t believe that we should be paid for just doing something, we think you should pay us for achieving something.

A non ROI-driven approach might sound something like this:

An ROI-driven approach looks more like this:

The main difference is that some traditional marketing campaigns are activity driven whereas ROI-focused campaigns are outcome driven.

Some of our clients don’t pay for our services at all, they just pay for every lead we bring them. We also have clients where the uptake in traffic or leads has taken longer than we thought and we’ve extended services but not the cost.

Why ROI-Driven is The Future

We ruthlessly pursue ROI for our clients. Our goal, in additional to growing your business, is to get you your money back i.e. a very strong ROI.

ROI is the ultimate measure of success because it clearly tells us what’s working and what’s not working, what needs to be improved and what needs to be removed.

If we don’t measure ROI how can we really track our success? We are relentless in our pursuit of a high ROI for you and use real-time data to stay on-track.

ROI-driven marketing campaigns are just starting to gain popularity, especially with clients. As your marketing partners about your Marketing ROI and pay close attention to their answers.

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