OutSystems: How AI-based development reduces backlogs

OutSystems: Streamlining Development Backlogs with AI


OutSystems is renowned for its prowess in low-code development platforms. However, it’s now pivoting towards AI-assisted software development, a move that mirrors its low-code origins.

In June, OutSystems introduced its AI-driven initiative, ‘Project Morpheus’. This project promises rapid app creation through voice prompts and an AI-guided app editor that provides holistic suggestions. CEO Paulo Rosado’s vision is clear: enhancing developer productivity without compromises.

Nuno Carneiro, the AI product manager at OutSystems, describes Project Morpheus as the future of software development. He emphasizes a new development experience where AI provides guidance, minimizing manual coding. Developers get a visual interface, with AI suggesting potential modifications.

The AI’s role is to assist, not dominate. OutSystems’ flagship AI tool, the AI Mentor System, supports developers in various areas, from coding to performance, acting as a virtual expert.

While some are skeptical, mirroring initial doubts about low-code platforms, Carneiro notes that OutSystems has previously demonstrated the value of automation in software development. The company is poised to showcase the transformative power of AI in the industry.

OutSystems ensures that its platform mitigates potential AI pitfalls, like producing incorrect outputs or generating vulnerable code. The synergy between low-code and AI-assisted development is evident: even if AI generates the code, developers can visually comprehend their creation.

Carneiro points out that current solutions don’t address the issue of understanding AI-generated code. Low-code, with its visual interface and the AI Mentor System’s security checks, fills this gap.

For businesses, combining AI with a low-code platform can expedite projects, turning months or years of work into mere weeks. Carneiro cites an example: a company could prototype an HR software in a week using OutSystems. Larger projects, like overhauling a supply chain, would take a few months at most.

Big corporations can also benefit. Many have established Low-Code Centres of Excellence, which they disseminate globally. The AI Mentor System facilitates rapid innovation across their entire operations.

But OutSystems’ vision extends beyond software development. They aim to empower businesses to leverage AI directly, such as image recognition or cognitive services. Their recent partnership with Microsoft introduced a connector for Azure OpenAI, enabling the integration of large language models in development. Carneiro emphasizes OutSystems’ commitment to helping businesses lay the groundwork for AI integration.

OutSystems will be present at the AI & Big Data Expo Europe in Amsterdam, focusing on AI and digital transformation. Carneiro believes OutSystems is uniquely positioned to assist businesses in integrating various data sources, a crucial step in AI adoption. He concludes by highlighting OutSystems’ capability to address challenges in AI adoption, positioning the company as an ideal partner in this journey.

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