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Sukhmeet Singh

Technical Support

Nick Jevric

Founder & CEO

“Our Vision is to deliver measurable ROI results to our eCommerce clients and increase their online presence and performance by implementing our proven sales and marketing digital solutions.”

From Branding to Business Development, WellDelivered Inc is driven to achieve clients’ needs by offering our expertise to clients’ business objectives and partnering with our clients, we are able to maximize marketing and sales results.  The growth of WellDelivered is based on us achieving exceptional results and the fact that good isn’t good enough, we aim for great. We share our passion for achieving greatness and getting exceptional results and nothing else, only working with clients that we can help with our expertise.

WellDelivered was founded by entrepreneur Nick Jevric, whose experience spans a decade, in multiple industries, and countries. Nick was a young Canadian entrepreneurs that successfully grew and sold a company before the age of 30 from ideation to exit without the help of venture capital. WellDelivered is Nick’s 3rd successful venture and his relentless pursuit of business results combined with deep expertise in sales and marketing has converted WellDelivered from a humble marketing agency to a global one. TeamWellDelivered is how we grew by offering cutting-edge technology and expertise in online advertising and marketing. WellDelivered is a company based on a team effort and Nick is grateful to have his team. TeamWellDelivered brings the energy, passion, and determination to solve clients’ challenges. As a team, we are obsessed to stay innovative, and obsessed with meeting customer needs and wants. Contact us today to speak to one of our technical and marketing experts.

Our Mission​

Our primary Mission is to supercharge the growth of your eCommerce business through all-inclusive leading-edge digital sales and marketing strategies and implementations.

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