Online Presence and Performance

Online presence and performance is the heart of digital marketing. Digital marketing or Online marketing is all about growing your business. Even if you don’t have an online business, your online presence and performance is key, it will influence all buying decisions.

Let’s break down Online Presence versus Online Performance:

Online Presence

This is your business card to the world. Your online presence is what you’re communicating to the world about your business, your brand and your value proposition. We meet a lot of people who don’t think they need a website or social media for example because they have a physical location, or they primarily sell through in-person events or one-on-one forums. The majority of customers will check out a business online before they make a purchase and there are no exceptions. Read that again, even if you only sell something that can be purchased in a retail location, people will google you first to see what you’re offering and/or what other people think of your products.

What do you want your online presence to say about you? That you are modern, professional looking and connected to your communities is a good start. It’s important to align your brand a.k.a. what your organization stands for with how it’s portrayed online.

Having a website is critical, but it’s not enough. Many potential customers won’t even make it to your website after googling your business. They will see Google My Business first and see reviews (or not) and may decide whether or not to buy from you on that alone. Others may search your organization up on YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google. If you’re unsure what they are going to find we need to work on online presence. And others still will go to social media first to see what others are saying about you before they look at what you are saying about yourself. You need to a have a strong online presence on all of these channels, that is aligned to your brand and company goals. This is often called an Omni-channel approach.

Online Performance

It’s not enough to build something, you have to make sure it’s doing its job. Your online performance is how it sound. How well are you performing online? Why does this even matter? Because online performance is directly correlated to your ability to grow your business. Even if your customers don’t buy your products/services online they will still make judgements about your value and business performance based on online performance.

The key factors of online performance are primarily focused on your total reach and your conversions. Let’s explore that further. Your reach is about how many people are seeing and finding your business, products/services. This includes website traffic, traffic from paid ads and lead generation and social media followers. This is the size of your total potential customer base and this is step one. The wider your reach is i.e. the more traffic and followers you have the more potential you have for converting these potential customers.

The 2nd part of the equation is conversion. This is where your online performance because the most meaningful and at WellDelivered this is what we focus on. If you have a ton of traffic but it’s not helping your business grow then what’s the point. We are all about results, so we focus a lot on conversions. But in order have a high Conversion Rate you need to have strong online presence and a good reach, everything we talked about above.

There are many strategies to increasing your conversions. But before we get there, let’s be clear, conversions don’t always mean sales. It means converting traffic or followers into taking the action you want them to take. This could include signing up for your newsletter, leaving a review, promoting a product/service, emailing or calling you and the list goes on.


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