Marketing success all begins with the right strategy

Marketing success all begins with the right strategy. We are a proven consulting partner and can help you develop your marketing strategy and plan or do it for you. Each of our consulting engagements are unique and based on how much support you need to get the right strategy in place.


Effective Marketing Strategy

At WellDelivered, we are not only marketers, we are strategists as well. Our strategic advice is based on the experience of knowing what works best for to achieve which goals and the difference by platform and industry. The end result is a strategy that doesn’t just sound good, we know it’s fully executable and will get results.

An effective Marketing Strategy should include an evaluation of your digital candidacy (i.e., average projectedcosts of acquisition against average client yields in profits), deeply profile your customers andwhere they spend time online and have an objective analysis of your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

Although we are focused on marketing we need to look at your entire business, focusing on your business model, value proposition, pricing and competitive advantage. Without a solid foundation in these areas, the best marketing strategies in the world won’t get you the results you are looking for.

Some of the other areas we look at are an Omni-channel approach and a data-driven review of which channels offer the best returns for your specific offerings. We match this with your customers buying journeys and identify strategic options for your marketing focus and spend.

Coaching Services – Hourly Rates + Monthly Retainers:

Sometimes all we need is a little help from our friends. As digital marketing experts we get excited when our clients want to be hands on and learn more about digital marketing so they can supercharge the growth of their business.

If you just need to consult with an expert we are more than happy to do so. We have hourly rates for the quick, targeted questions you may have. We also have monthly retainers when you want your virtual marketing department to be with you anytime, anywhere.

Bottom Line:

We are experts in Marketing Strategy and the strategy is what determines your success in growing your business. We provide a range of deliverables and services to help you achieve this depending on your needs, in-house level of expertise and budget: