Marketing Strategies and Consulting

Marketing strategy is basically the plan of what is the best way to market your company to get the best results. There are a lot of things that go into a marketing strategy and it’s often a service that isn’t widely understood. Our clients ask us why we need to spend time on strategy, can’t we just get going and start executing? We could, but our chances of success go up greatly when we take the plan to figure the best marketing strategy. Let’s break it down:

Vision & Goals:

A solid strategy starts with articulating where exactly do you want to be in the future? Are you trying to grow revenue? How quickly do you want to grow? Do you have profitability targets? For example some of our clients are trying to sell existing customers higher-priced products to move them up the value chain whereas others are in pure growth mode and are going for volume over profitability. Each of these goals are great, but they are very different and require different strategies.

Getting really clear on your goals like # of leads / week or traffic growth per month is the starting point of a solid marketing strategy. We will help you articulate your goals and decide which ones are the most important and make sure we have any buy-in from partners or owners as required.

Target Market:

We need to understand not only who are we marketing to but what are the characteristics of our target market. For example:

Demographics: Age, Location, Gender, Marital Status, Income Level, Education Level, Occupation etc.

Psychographics: Values, Interests, Lifestyle, Behaviours, Attitudes, Desires, Needs etc.

USP / Offering:

Getting clear on your unique selling proposition (USP) will make all of your marketing efforts a lot more effective. What makes you different or unique from your competition. What are you offering that your clients really value and why do they value it?

Often we need to work with our clients on the positioning of their product or service offering before we can market it. Does your product have the right features, benefits and pricing that will speak to your target market? If so, the marketing becomes a lot easier.

Channels :

This is usually where most marketing strategies start, where are we going to market our products and services. But without looking at your goals, target market and offering this is not as effective. It’s like starting to drive a car without looking up to see what’s ahead or looking around to see what kind of car you’re driving.

There are many marketing channels, and although we specialize in online Marketing we look at it holistically and always remind our clients to think about offline channels as well.

Here are some of the main channels:

Tactics :

Once you have your goals, target market, USP and channels chosen then it’s down to the tactical level. What are the specific activities per channel that will get the most traction. You can see some examples under our marketing services.

Resources & Budget:

This is the part of a solid Marketing strategy that often gets overlooked but it makes or breaks a good strategy. What is the money and people you are going to commit to your strategy? Some of our clients completely outsource this to us and we become their virtual marketing department. Other clients just want advice on the latest trends and data and some direction and do the heavy lifting themselves, this is where our coaching comes in.

Consulting :

This is where our consulting practice comes in. For a fixed price we can develop your entire Marketing Strategy or just one piece of it. If you need an analysis of which channels sell the most for your type of product of service we can do part of the strategy for you. Some of our clients have a great strategy and just need some consulting in terms of some of the more technical aspects of SEO or Paid Ads for example and we offer an hourly fee for that.

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