UX/UI & Graphic Design

Get the most interaction with each user that's on your platform

User Experience (UX) layout is about the total experience of the interaction and User Interface (UI) layout is about how the individual interactions are. A UX designer looks at the wholistic customer journey. This includes:

Customer-Centric Design

UX designers seek to understand what your customers want and how they view the world, putting themselves in the shoes and mindset of your customer.


A wireframe is essentially a blueprint for each screen of an interface. It’s used to show how something works, not how it looks. Wireframing defines the specific elements that need to be present from page to page. It includes all the interface components that are needed for all possible interactions.


Prototypes allow designers to test functionality before fully building something. They help designers to ensure there’s a match between a system and its users before development of the final product begins. WellDelivered’s UX team produce options that are customer-centric,intuitive and tailored to match your customers’ specific needs and your company’s objectives.

Graphic Design is the key to brand awareness.

To help our customers grow their business we focus on transparency, creativity, and generating positive experiences that provide attractive marketing assets.

Your brand is your identity to your customers. Having the right look and feel that speaks to your customers will directly help convert people into customers.

Graphic design can be described as the creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas and solve problems through the use of image and type. A graphic designer’s job is to focus on the creation, selection, and structure of typography, imagery, and white space to inform, persuade, and excite the viewer towards a thought or action.

The most important part of any business is branding. A fantastic way to think about your brand is that it is essentially what people say about you once you’re not in the room.

Graphic designers rely on imagination and experience to produce a meaningful and memorable visual identity that resonates with the audience ultimately establishing a clear route of communication between a business and its target audience.

Our Graphic Design Team:

Focuses on the most important aspects of your Brand Identify

Determines the scope and what success looks like for you

Produces a range of visual elements like logos, original images, and illustrations to help deliver a message

Presents design concepts to you to get your input and feedback

Incorporate your changes until we get it right

Logo Design
Your logo is the face of your business to the outside world.

At WellDelivered, we believe that any marketing campaign is more effective when you have a logo that isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also represents who you are as a company.

Compelling logos:

A Logo serves many important functions in the business world.

It can send a powerful message to your target audience. A professionally designed logo has the power to attract new customers and convert people into loyal long-term customers.

The right Logo Design can help you:


There are a million different marketing tactics that will help your business be found online, attract visitors and convert them into paying customers at the highest rate possible.

But nothing beats relevant, valuable, consistent, high-quality content. This content should be found on your website of course but also on blogs, social media posts and a variety of other channels.

We can help you create compelling content that reflects the voice of your company and your brand identity, including but not limited to:

Content Creation

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