Digital Marketing in 2021

The world of digital marketing continues to rapidly evolve and with COVID-19 that has never been more true. There is a lot going on in 2021 and some of it may surprise you.

Growth of Online Business

Online business was already a rapidly going field over the past two decades but COVID-19 introduced a host of new players that were not longer able to operate as bricks and mortar businesses. As a result many of the tried and trued digital marketing strategies and channels have been affected.

Rapidly evolving Algorithms

In the year 2020 Google changes XX algorithms. Let that number sink in for a moment. This is great news for digital marketers who have been advising their client to create high value content and communities. For the marketers that try to cut corner to make a quick buck, this will be much harder to do.

Virtual Events

Lockdowns and office closures has changed how people get together. From a marketing perspective they are increased opportunities to reach more of your customers because online events are not limited by geography. This is a key emerging channel that can’t be ignored.

Machine Learning

The rise of machine learning will mean that the traditional A/B testing will become less relevant. This is good news for everyone, allowing us to harness the power of technology and spend more time on the more strategic aspects of digital learning.

Conversations over Content

This year we have more desired to engage in a meaningful way. People are looking for online events and content that allow for interaction and to connect in a human way. Content that starts with a conversation versus the latest facts and data are wining over the hearts and minds of customers in 2021.

2021 is not business as usual, even with vaccines and economies opening up, the digital marketing world has changed forever.

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