Project Brief:

Our client had just launched a new business, their third one and wanted to focus primarily online. They found that it took a lot of time and networking to get clients and wanted to test a new online business model.

After building a website and a modest social media presence they engaged our agency to launch an online Ad campaign. They were not convinced that they could get leads on-line since the average price of their service was over 1k.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Ad campaign we needed to optimize their website. It wasn’t loading fast enough and website speed is one of 5 critical website elements that greatly affects the online leads and conversion process. After that we needed to refine their offering, price points and key content messages on the website. They had a strong brand identify but weren’t set up for conversions. Had we started the ad campaign without this critical step we would not have gotten as many leads.

The next step of the process is setting up the right campaign which requires a lot more analysis and science than many would think. Our client was confident that Google Ads were the only option, we quickly demonstrated that Facebook Ads got much better result much to their surprise.

The facebook ads were not the ones they had envisioned with good looking models showing the products and service but instead a much more emotional, human centered approach that linked people’s emotions to their services.

Once the leads started pouring in our work was not done. These leads had to be nurtured to be able to be converted into paying customers. We developed a comprehensive marketing communications strategy and process in partnership with our client. This included outreach, landing pages, supporting materials, sales scripts etc.

Our client was blown away with how quickly they got results, especially considering they had only been in business for 6 months so they didn’t have a big web presence.



First, we make sure your website is fast, secure and has the right content



Finding the right Ad channel, message and visuals and continuing to test and refine to get the right leads



Once the leads starting coming in we had to nurture them to convert into paying clients such as providing landing pages, materials etc.



Now it’s time to sit back and collect the money and start worrying about capacity of your organization to deliver your products/services now that demand is there

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