Project Brief:

Our client had been operating their consulting business for about 20 years but never experienced the type of growth they had hoped for, especially as they started to plan for succession and exit strategies. Covid made this worse this when their regular clients were tight on budget and their projects started to dry up. They knew they had to do something different but didn’t know exactly what.

They started thinking about entering a new sector to get larger contracts and were introduced to WellDelivered by another firm we’d worked with in the past.

The first step was to explain how digital marketing, also known as online marketing works, and why businesses invest in it. The proof is in the numbers: e.g. almost 80% of clients go on-line to look for what they want to buy and almost 70% of clicks on Google go to the first 5 companies listed on the first page of Google, there are different ways to get to the top of a Google page by the way.

But before we could tell the on-line world our client’s story and get traffic, leads and clients we had to set a strong foundation. A website that sells, a brand that is attractive and an on-line presence that is convincing. In this case it was easier and cheaper to build a new website that had SEO and social media built in with a refreshed look and feel and adding the right content and calls to action. The investment in the website was critical to converting traffic into leads. It’s not enough to lead people to your website, your website needs to sell enough so that your clients contact you. We also spent time on building a credible online presence, mostly through social media and google my business, which has become a key tool in the online marketing world.

While we were setting up the foundation we started building our SEO strategy that included organic searches (not paid ads, focused on key words) as well as off page SEO, such as linking to credible sources, this was combined with a content creation strategy focused on blogs and social media posts, all part of getting recognized by Search Engines like Google and to continuously get ranked higher in relevant searches.

During this phase, the calls started coming in. Frankly our client was surprised, not sure they believed that strangers would find them on the internet and be interested in services that were priced at 10k and above. Once the leads starting coming in and the first sale was made they were believers. There is no magic in on-line marketing, it comes down to a solid strategy, focus, effort and investments.

We had what we needed to enter the phase were we really shine: Growth. We added Google Ads to our marketing strategy, on top of SEO and online presence and well, as they say, the rest is history.


Building Awareness

Understanding the proven methods of Online Marketing 


Building the Foundation

Investing in Website Optimization and Online Presence (Brand, Social Media, Google my Business etc.)


Testing the Waters

Doing organic Search Engine Optimization, getting found on-line for the first time and getting leads through online



Expanding into paid ads and other marketing strategies that led to leads and new clients in a new sector

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