We developed a new brand that communicates better to new target markets on-line while still staying true to the company roots


Before you had to visit the store to browse and buy products, not anymore!


Now customers can find our client on-line and shop while they were walking down the street. No more buying restricted to store hours!

Project Brief:

Our client had a few local stores and had been in business for about a decade, a humble and steadily growing operation.

The Branding Opportunity
They were located down the street from our office and everyday we would walk by, see their sign and dream about their potential. They had expanded into different health related products in the past few years, and we knew this was a rapidly growing space. We started talking and found out why their sign/logo/name was outdated. It was developed by a deceased family member and they didn’t want to change it and we respected that. We talked about the importance of family and business and agreed that there would be way to modernize their branding to attract more customers while still paying tribute to their family.

The Birth of a Website
As part of this journey, we shared the research, stats and cases of similar businesses to their and why a website was a key marketing and selling tool. They were not that comfortable with technology but couldn’t argue with the facts, that even for physical stores customers are more likely to buy after checking your website.

New Revenue Streams
Our CMO had a vision to help our client’s business explode. The idea was to not only catalogue all of their products online but to also include their vendors products and build an affiliate model. This is two new revenue streams: Onlne product sales (that didn’t require health related assessments) and a commission on vendor product sales. Our client wasn’t convinced or comfortable given their lack of online experience. Unfortunately, COVID-19 was a catalyst for change. With the stores no longer able to open, business was suffering.

The Online Product Catalogue
Setting up the online product catalogue across 5 major product lines, multiple vendors and hundreds of SKUs with graphics, product specs, dynamic pricing etc. was a significant undertaking. For each product family we researched the target market needs and tested colours, pictures, wording etc. to make the product catalogue as appealing as possible.

Our client is forever grateful that we were able to move their business online and instead of going out of business they have flourished during the many lockdowns experienced in Ontario. Sales grew approximately 200% in 8 months.


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